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NOVEMBER 19, 1993



Biology and growth habits of giant reed (Arundo donax), Gary Bell

Arundo donax in the Santa Ana River Basin, Shelton Douthit

The biological pollution of Arundo donax in river estuaries and beaches, Richard Douce

The impact of Arundo donax on flood control and endangered species, Paul Frandsen and Nelroy Jackson

Fire threat fromArundo donax Greg Scott

The impact of Arundo donax on water resources, Mark Iverson

Control of Arundo donax techniques and pilot project, Nelroy Jackson

Team Arundo - A model for inter-agency cooperation, Paul Frandsen

Section 404 permits: needs and processes, Michele Waltz

Wetland mitigation banking in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Los Angeles District, Fari Tabatabai

Re-vegetation of riparian habitat: hauling coals to Newcastle, Gary Bell

Other invasive non-native plants in California's wildlands and natural areas, John Randall


A. Van Buren unit #I: Summary of pilot project.

B. Short biographies of the speakers.

C. "How to remove Arundo donax" The menu (draft).

D. Arundo donax projects in California.

E. List of Workshop attendees.

F. Workshop evaluation form results.

G. Introduction to the California Exotic Pest Plant Council (CalEPPC).

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